PackageBuilder is a tool that supports the work of turning software components into “part packages.” By using eBinder's various development tools and functions, it is possible to intuitively configure, build, and debug applications, libraries, middleware, real-time operating systems, device drivers when built as part packages, thereby streamlining development. PackageBuilder can also be used when developing a BSP for a custom board.

Problems related to software components

Software components are being used more frequently in the development of embedded systems over a short period of time. However, the necessity of mastering the use of software components requires knowledge regarding specifications and structure, and this places a growing burden on engineers as software components themselves increase in both performance and complexity.

What is a part package?

Rather than creating huge documents, a part package takes various supplemental information regarding a software product and packages it with the software itself using XML files and other formats. This lets users develop in an efficient manner by fully utilizing software components when configuring, building, and debugging with eBinder. Software components that have been converted into part packages provide this type of added value when compared to simple documents and source code formats, thereby promoting reuse and redistribution.


Thanks to the configuration, there is no need to analyze source and headers, or to configure text-based settings. eBinder's GUI screens can be used to easily input settings, and an error check occurs at the same time.


It is easy to manage project build information (compile options, file dependencies, etc.) in eBinder's build screen. Tasks from building to loading can be performed smoothly.


In addition to the kernel, it is also possible to reference internal software component information from the TCP/IP protocol stack and file system at any time while the system is running.

eBinder provides a shared development interface for the part package

Part package support tool

PackageBuilder is a tool that converts software components into part packages. PackageBuilder provides the following functions:

  • Setting the placement of configuration items, value ranges, and so on in a GUI screen 
  • Creating a build set with file dependencies, compilation options, etc
  • Outputting routine (PAR) templates for acquiring internal information during system execution