Social Media Policy

eSOL Co., Ltd. ("Company") will use social media as tools for providing information. This Social Media Policy ("Policy") sets forth requirements and basic principles governing conduct when using social media as follows.

1. Definition of social media

The term social media refers to services that allow information provision or interactive communication via the Internet. Examples include social networking services (SNSs) and video/image sharing services.

2. Purpose of this Policy

The Company will provide information about its products, services, and initiatives to as many people as possible via social media to gain recognition for and promote understanding of its business activities. The Company will avoid inappropriate use of social media that may lead to loss of trust in the Company or its affiliated companies or inconvenience its business partners and other stakeholders.

3. Requirements for using social media

The Company will provide information through the official social media accounts listed below. The employees assigned to manage these official accounts will provide information based on a thorough understanding of the characteristics of respective social media and of the requirements for their use, as set forth below.

(1) Keep in mind that once information appears on the Internet, it cannot be removed completely.
(2) Keep in mind that social media are accessible to many unspecified people and the information can be interpreted in many different ways.
(3) Only provide information through social media that is in compliance with the eSOL Code of Conduct, applicable laws and regulations, and social norms.
(4) Do not discuss religion, politics, or other issues related to personal beliefs.
(5) Do not infringe copyrights, intellectual property rights, trademarks, or other rights belonging to third parties when reproducing text, images, video, and so forth.
(6) Do not disclose confidential or internal information concerning the Company and its business partners.

4. To those using the Company's official social media accounts

Information posted on the Company's official accounts is accurate as of the time of its provision and is subject to change thereafter. The Company makes no promise to respond to comments submitted to its official accounts. Commentary itself may be blocked. The Company assumes no responsibility for posts from social media accounts other than its official accounts.

5. Revisions of this Policy

The Company may revise this Policy in response to the advancement of social media or for other reasons. Any such revisions will be communicated by presenting the latest version of this Policy on the Company website and by no other means.

6. Inquiries about the Company's social media

Please send inquiries about this Policy and the Company's official accounts to the following contact:

Contact for inquiries relating to the Company's social media
Marketing Office, Embedded Products Division, eSOL Co., Ltd.

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