Support is fundamental to ensuring the successful development, deployment and operation of complex, critical software-defined industrial applications.

Located in Japan and France and close to its R&D teams, our Customer Support team is committed to providing its customers with the timely and quality technical support and maintenance necessary to improve the use of eSOL's development tools and embedded software platform. We help you by efficiently resolving technical issues and challenges you may encounter, and overall shortening the time-to-market for your critical projects.

eSOL offers standard support and maintenance services for the use of its software products:

  • Remote technical assistance (email)
  • Provision of a response, bug fix, new version and/or workaround, depending on the nature of the support case (email)
  • Access to new upgrade and update software versions (web portal)
  • Access to existing patches (web portal)
  • Access to available technical documentation (web portal).

Moreover, specific long-term maintenance programs and on-site support services are also available on request.

To download version upgrades and patches, you need a product maintenance agreement with a corresponding digital ID and password.