High Performance, Scalable RTOS and Hypervisor Platform for Modern Software-Defined Computing
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Fastest RTOS for Multicore and Manycore

All microkernels of the multikernel operate independently on each core, which reduces resource contention and enables high throughput.
Separate Thread Data Bases (TDBs) result in cores being able to switch on their threads without interference from other cores.
All applications on all cores are tightly-coupled through asynchronous, deterministic and lightweight message passing technology.

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Hardware Scalability

Unlike other conventional RTOS architectures, eMCOS®’s new operating system architecture enables hardware scalability that supports not only CPUs from single-core to multi/manycore and multi-chips, but also heterogeneous hardware, such as on-chip flash microcontrollers, SoCs and FPGAs.
The platform is already ported to various hardware architectures, and its highly portable source code and design also make it easy to transport to new platforms.

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Software Scalability

The choice of two eMCOS profiles - POSIX and POSIX-Hypervisor - allows Linux or Android software and ROS2 middleware assets to be reused and work in parallel.
The POSIX multi-process profile permits running several applications together on a robust environment, with high reuse of existing open-source or customer applications on the platform.
The real-time hypervisor allows existing Linux and Android applications to run unchanged in mixed-criticality systems.

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Functional Safety

eMCOS RTOS has been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH under the ISO 26262 ASIL D (automotive) functional safety standard.
To this end, eSOL's RTOS product development process has been certified in accordance with the standards for functional safety for vehicles (ISO 26262 ASIL D) and industrial (IEC 61508 SIL 4). eMCOS pre-certified RTOS product and safety packages can reduce the effort required to assess the safety of user systems related to the OS and lower the cost of safety standard compliance.

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