The following needs can be met by linking eBinder with a JTAG-ICE.

  • Wanting to use eBinder's multi-programming support functions even though the debugging ports (serial, Ethernet, etc.) necessary for eBinder's debugging communications are not available due to the hardware
  • Wanting to debug a program in flash memory
  • Wanting to break the entire system and use functions specific to JTAG-ICE

Communication feature/execution control feature

eBinder provides the following two functions by linking with JTAG-ICE.

Communication function

By using the JTAG port as a debugging port with the JTAG-ICE as a communication pathway, it is possible to use all eBinder functions including eBinder's multi-programming tool, system analysis tool, software component packaging tool, and others.

Execution control function

It is possible to call and use JTAG-ICE-specific functions from eBinder.

Main JTAG-ICE-specific functions
  • Hardware reset
  • Forced break
  • Step execution
  • Hardware break (command execution break/memory access break)
  • Software break (breaks program code on RAM/flash memory)
  • Download to / editing of RAM / flash memory

Depending on the JTAG-ICE linked with eBinder, some functions may not be implementable.

JTAG-ICE linkage optional products

eBinder for Arm

PARTNER-Jet2 options

Linkage option products that work with PARTNER-Jet2/Arm from Kyoto Microcomputer.

adviceLUNA II options

Linkage options that work with adviceLUNA II and adviceXross products from DTS INSIGHT.

Compatible JTAG-ICE

JTAG-ICE Name Manufacturer Functions


Communication/execution control linkage
Communication/execution control linkage


  • SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co. KG J-Link
  • Arm Ltd. DSTREAM

*Please inquire regarding the JTAG-ICE.