Arm cores, which offer high performance and low power consumption, are often used in mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and other digital consumer devices. As a result of competition, these kinds of digital consumer devices require many types of advanced functions that offer added value, a reduction in time to market with shortened product cycles, cost reduction for price competency, and so on. By using eBinder to develop software, it is possible to achieve quick and low-cost product development under these difficult conditions.

Includes genuine Arm compiler

eBinder for Arm comes with genuine Arm compiler (including C++) and thread-safe C/C++ libraries.

JTAG-ICE Linkage

Due to physical hardware limitations, it may be necessary to mount a new port on compact digital consumer devices for the sake of debugging. In some cases, it may be difficult to debug using a software debugger, and this may necessitate program debugging in flash memory. Linkage with a JTAG ICE makes it possible to implement a development and debugging environment using eBinder even in this type of situation.

Supported JTAG-ICE
Manufacturer Feature

Communication/execution control linkage

Communication/execution control linkage


  • SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co. KG J-Link
  • Arm Ltd. DSTREAM

Please inquire regarding the JTAG-ICE.

Included items

Development tools

  • System analysis tools
    • Event Logging / Analysis Tool EvenTrek
    • System Browser PartScope
    • Real-time Profiler

* The following optional products are available.

Target platform

* The following optional middleware are available

Operating environment

Target environment

Item Description
CPU Supports the command sets of Armv4, Armv4T, Armv5TE, Armv6, Armv7-A, and Armv7-R.
  • Armv4 (StrongArm)
  • Armv4T (Arm7TDMI, Arm920T, Arm922T)
  • Armv5TE (Arm9E, Arm926EJ-S, Arm946E-S, XScale)
  • Armv6 (MPCore, Arm11)
  • Armv7-A (Arm Cortex-A5/A7/A9/A15 MPCore)
  • Armv7-R (Arm Cortex-R4/R4F/R5F)
  • Armv8-A (Arm Cortex-A53/57)
Compiler Supports the following compiler:
  • Genuine Arm compiler
BSP Please inquire regarding the most recent BSP.

Unsupported/original boards can also be supported through BSP customization. Please inquire regarding details.

Host environment

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