3D Digital Multi-Function Around View Monitor System [In-vehicle information system]

Suzhou INVO Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Case Study: Why INVO Has Chosen to Work With eSOL

eSOL's functional safety certified real-time OS eT-Kernel™ and Socionext's SC1810 graphics SoC have been adopted in the 3D digital multi-function around view monitor (AVM) system products developed by Suzhou INVO Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (INVO Automotive Electronics). The company is a Tier 1 supplier from China, which develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) products based on machine vision for OEMs. INVO Automotive Electronics is said to have the third-largest volume for AVM shipment in China. Their products have been installed in various models of vehicles for major OEM manufacturers.

INVO Automotive Electronics was founded in 2012. It is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, research, development, manufacturing, and sales and services related to the automotive sector. It focuses primarily on the research and production of ADAS products. INVO Automotive Electronics has been developing a series of products that evolve around in-vehicle intelligent monitoring and intelligent ADAS, which have been supplied to well-known domestic and overseas OEMs. With its unique image sensing and intelligent identification processing technology, INVO Automotive Electronics has successfully developed a number of intelligent and safe driving systems, such as a lane departure warning system, forward-collision warning system, rearview camera, Wi-Fi driving video recording system, and around view monitor system. The combination of Socionext's SC1810 graphics SoC's high-definition image processing performance with eSOL's functional safety certified RTOS eT-Kernel helps provide low latency at system startup and reliable product quality.

eT-Kernel is an RTOS with a small footprint that enjoys a remarkable real-time capability. It has also obtained certifications such as ISO 26262 ASIL D (for Automotive) and IEC 61508 SIL 4 (for Industrial equipment) functional safety standards. eT-Kernel is widely used in applications such as automobiles, factory automation, and aerospace systems where high quality, real-timeliness, and low latency are required.