Proven and Safe Microkernel-Type Real-Time Operating System based on TRON T-Kernel API
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High Robustness and Reliability

Across all embedded segments, eT-Kernel is in more than 100 million devices in action worldwide. You can use it with a wide variety of processor types and models, from basic MCUs without and with memory protection (MPU) to high-performing SoCs with memory management (MMU). Featuring specific extensions to the open-source T-Kernel, including our exception manager and additional system-protection functions, eT-Kernel enhances system safety and reliability.

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Featured for Functional Safety

eT-Kernel is pre-certified ISO 26262, the automotive functional-safety standard and IEC 61508, the industrial functional-safety standard.
Two eT-Kernel Safety Packages are available, to help ensure compliance with automotive ISO 26262 and functional-safety standards.

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Hardware Scalability: Single/Multicore

The eT-Kernel Compact profile offers a small model with excellent real-time capability and the eT-Kernel MCE (Multi-Core Edition) option also provides multicore support.
Enhanced with eSOL’s unique technologies for embedded systems, eT-Kernel delivers superior performance over other RTOSes based on the open TRON T-Kernel API standard. These technologies include Fast Boot and our Logical File System (LFS) with ANSI/POSIX file-system APIs. The LFS permits transparent access to multiple file systems and can be called from anywhere.

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Easy Development

eT-Kernel’s compatibility with open-source T-Kernel lets you re-use existing software assets in your projects and leverage the standard user interface. You can integrate hard real-time and soft real-time functionality up to a late stage of development.
Source code and full documentation are provided, with basic middleware and BSPs. eT-Kernel is protected by our long-term support commitment, and our maintenance and professional services ensure the success of your projects.

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