MELSEC-Q Series C Language Controller [Commercial equipment]

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

The Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller—one of Mitsubishi's MELSEC-Q high-speed, high-performance programmable logic controllers (PLCs)—enables the use of widely available C language software assets. eSOL's eT-Kernel Real-Time OS has been adopted to be installed on the Intel ATOM MPU in the Controller that is dedicated to the user's program.

The Embedded Software Platform features the eT-Kernel Real-Time OS, together with the eBinder® Integrated Development Environment (IDE), middleware components—including file systems, network protocols, USB stacks and graphics tools—and professional services. The eT-Kernel offers two scalable profiles to choose from, depending on system size and purpose. eSOL's eBinder IDE streamlines eT-Kernel-based application development while ensuring high quality.