Space appliance development platform "Space Cube 2"

 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

As scientific satellite systems become bigger and carry more varied equipment, it becomes challenging for scientific satellite developers to promote efficiency in development and testing - while ensuring a high level of reliability. JAXA has been working on satellite architecture to resolve this challenge, and has created the "Space Cube 2". SpaceCube2 is a data processing unit, developed as a part of the data-processing computer for the next generation scientific satellites. It has a "scalable" architecture that can be used for both big and small satellites. Also, it supports "SpaceWire", a next generation network standard for spacecraft based on IEEE1355 - that provides networked satellite architecture.

The SpaceCube 2 CPU board uses eT-Kernel and eBinder as the standard software development environment, and features HR5000, 64-bit MPU with MIPS 5 Kf architecture, in the compact size of 168mm (length) x 168mm (width). It also features a compact PCI bus for the internal bus, SIO for the external communication interface, and SpaceWire for connections between equipment or modules for artificial satellites. The Space Cube 2 CPU board is expected to be widely used by space-related companies and Universities, as well as JAXA.

Mercury project: BepiColombo
A joint mission of JAXA and ESA (European Space Agency) 

Venus project: Planet-C
A JAXA mission