System Integration with Real-Time OS-Based Hypervisor

eSOL's RTOS platform has been widely used in the automotive, industrial, and medical fields where high real-time performance, reliability, and safety are required. In recent years, there have been a growing demand for autonomous driving cars, connected cars, smart factories and autonomous control for industrial robots, where system requirements are becoming more complex on an extensive scale. On top of conventional real-time systems, new requirements such as cohesive operation with other systems, and system integration are becoming more and more important. In addition to ensuring real-time performance and reliability, virtualization technologies such as hypervisors are attracting a lots of attention in the field of embedded development, to empower edge computing with a wide variety of functions.

The first session of this webinar will focus on the challenges of deploying hypervisors in embedded systems.
The second session of this webinar will introduce eMCOS Hypervisor, which is based on eSOL's real-time OS eMCOS POSIX, with a product demonstration.

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