eMCOS Hypervisor Enables Real-Time Processing with the Integration of Linux or Android.

Integration of both robust real-time applications on RTOS and feature-rich applications on general-purpose OS running concurrently on a single hardware platform. 

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eMCOS Hypervisor is implemented as an extension to the POSIX-compatible eMCOS POSIX RTOS. This means that real-time and safety-critical applications for eMCOS POSIX can be deployed next to Linux and Android guest OSes on the same hardware platform. This opens up a new dimension of scalability for eMCOS, providing users with greater scope for integrating related functions within a system while continuing to use their existing Linux- or Android-based platforms on eMCOS Hypervisor with minimal changes. Linux and Android guest-OSes provide the necessary POSIX-compliant API for an easy existing code reuse, as well as they support a large number of graphics display solutions and open communication protocols. The combination brings greater flexibility for implementing more advanced, open and diverse "mixed-criticality" systems. 


Co-existence of real-timeness and feature-rich functionalities
Real-time applications run as normal eMCOS POSIX applications. At the same time, applications that require feature-rich functionalities run on the Linux or Android Guest OS in a separately isolated memory / time space.

Leverage eMCOS's advanced scheduling capabilities
eMCOS Hypervisor is implemented by incorporating a mechanism for virtualization into eMCOS POSIX.
Users can take advantage of the advanced scheduling features of eMCOS such as load-balancing and time separation.

Easy to customize General-Purpose OS boot
Guest OSes are started as eMCOS POSIX processes. Therefore, the boot sequence can be implemented simply as a process start. It can be easily customized as sequential start-up and multi-core parallel start-up.

Easy porting of drivers
Linux standard Virtio drivers are supported, making it easy to port Linux guests. In addition, drivers that are tightly coupled to the SoC can be ported easily because virtual machine monitor can filter or pass through hardware accesses.

Robustness against malfunctions and malicious software
eMCOS Hypervisor is designed to minimize the virtualization mechanism in the more privileged hypervisor and kernel space, and to perform most processing on the Virtual Machine Monitor placed in the user space. As a result, abnormalities in the guest OS and virtual machine do not cause catastrophic failures that lead to system wide crash.

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