eMCOS POSIX is a standard POSIX specification compliant real-time OS capable of multi-process programming in conforming to POSIX 1003.13 PSE 53. Our scalable real-time OS "eMCOS" supports POSIX API sets, while preserving the scalability, real-timeness and performance.
eMCOS POSIX allows users to easily deploy a variety of existing libraries that run on POSIX-specified OS, including ROS (Robot Operating System) and AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, while meeting the embedded system requirements.

Multi-process POSIX

eMCOS has an innovative internal structure while user interface is compliant to POSIX specification.

eMCOS POSIX is an extended OS profile based on the scalable real-time OS "eMCOS" which supports process-oriented programming.
Features such as pthread, signal, interprocess communication, process and system level, which are not supported by the eMCOS native, are now possible with eMCOS POSIX profile. Compliant with POSIX 1003.13 PRE53 and supports PSE 51, a profile for a single POSIX process with multiple thread controls, and PSE 53 for a multi-POSIX process.

Leverage existing framework using POSIX I/F

Through utilizing the highly portable POSIX I/F available for application I/F, implementation of functionality found in a variety of existing libraries can be easily added to the system.

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AUBIST Adaptive Platform)

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* AUBIST OS POSIX is based on eMCOS POSIX technology.

Example of ROS

Virtualization - eMCOS Hypervisor

eMCOS POSIX enables a system to be built with a combination of applications that require real-timeness and robustness together with rich functions running on generic OS such as Linux and Android.

Take advantage of the advanced scheduling capabilities of eMCOS POSIX
Implemented as an extension of eMCOS POSIX, users can still take advantage of the advanced scheduling features offereds in eMCOS POSIX, such as load balancing and time separation.  

Spatial and temporal isolation of Guest OSs
The guest OS runs as a process on eMCOS POSIX in the same way as a regular application, system as a whole can continue to run safely in the event of an abnormal operation without affecting applications running on other processes.

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Development Environment with eBinder

Processes, threads, shared libraries, and DLLs built on eMCOS POSIX can all be developed and debugged using "eBinder," an integrated development environment. In addition to debugging on per-process basis, individual thread in a process and device drivers can also be debugged.

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