eBinder includes mechanisms that promote the reuse of software assets. By using these mechanisms, it is possible to take advantage of existing software assets in order to achieve efficient development.

Development Support with Part Packages

What is a parts package?

The management unit used for software components in eBinder is called the “part package.” “Software components” as defined here refers to commercial real-time operating systems and middleware, libraries and device drivers created by users themselves, applications, and so on. Part packages include source code, configuration information, build information, debugging information, and so on.

Benefits of part packages

eBinder uses the various information included in a part package to automatically create optimized tools and function menu configurations. Even without knowledge concerning the specifications or structure of the software components, eBinder still makes it possible to handle them in a convenient and intuitive manner. This simplifies the process of distributing software components to other departments, projects, collaborating companies, and others, as well as reusing such components during future projects.

Examples of development support using eBinder

  • When creating a new project, simply select the part packages necessary for the system in order to create system template.
  • Use the GUI screens to set the configuration and build settings for each software part without mistakes.
  • Logging and analysis are possible at the software component level, and system analysis tools can be used to reference internal information in real time.

Software component packaging tool


The target platform modules included with eBinder are provided as part packages. Also, use PackageBuilder to create part packages comprised of software components including libraries and device drivers that users have created. In addition, use this when developing a BSP for a custom board.

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5. Reusing Software Assets

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