eBinder is a suite of module groups comprised of host-side development tools and a target platform.

Development tools

Configurator and Builder

Since GUI screens can be used to set parameters for the real-time operating system to be used, middleware, and more, including build settings. This simplifies configuration and building. The parameter items that can be set, compilation switches and options, and other information are included in each Parts Package
Standard C/C++ compilers are bundled for CPU architectures. Genuine Arm and GNU GCC compilers are supported.

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C/C++ compiler

  • Arm Compiler

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Multi-programming tools

Task level debugger/system level debugger

It is possible to open a debugging window for each task to break and execute steps by the task without stopping the entire system. The tasks inside processes can also be debugged. It is also possible to debug by stopping the entire system and targeting the system context, just as with traditional debuggers.

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System analysis tools

EvenTrek event logging/analysis tool

EvenTrek collects a log of real-time operating system APIs, interrupts, task switches, and so on, analyzes the information, and displays the results. It also displays the state transitions for task groups in processes. It can also collect middleware API events and events incorporated into the program by the user.

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PartScope system browser

PartScope acquires and displays management information such as the processes, tasks, and semaphores of the real-time operating system, and a list of tasks that can be executed. It can also display information such as the currently opened files, and socket states and other information managed by the logical file system (LFS).

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Real-time Profiler

This profiler is used to analyze program bottlenecks in your system. The profile results for each task can be obtained to easily understanding which functions are frequently executed by which tasks. By using EvenTrek to check detailed task behavior and Real-Time Profiler to check performance, it is possible to efficiently verify that right and acceptable performance has been achieved. The profile data is collected through sampling of the target. Unlike with a trace, system overhead is held to a minimum.

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Software component packaging tool

Use PackageBuilder to create part packages comprised of software components including libraries and device drivers that users have created. In addition, use this when developing a BSP for a custom board.

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Arm's FVP (Fixed Virtual Platforms)

Simulation environment based on Arm’s genuine IP
Arm’s FVP (Fixed Virtual Platforms) is bundled within eBinder. This enables an easy simulation of the real target board environments by utilizing Arm Fast Models IP models provided by Arm.
Developments with eSOL's Real-Time OS platform solutions can be conducted in a simulation environment on a PC without using real target boards.
Even with the absence of the physical hardware, users can promptly begin their software development in parallel with their on-going hardware development. In addition, automated testing involving Continuous Integration (CI) environment is also possible, contributing to the overall development efficiency and helps to shorter time to market.

Arm's FVP

  • Highly reliable simulation environment based on Arm’s genuine IP
  • Easy setup of simulation environment at low cost
  • Free evaluation for 60 days

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Target platform

Logical file system (LFS)

This system provides a UNIX-like streaming file I/O. Different streams can be accessed by simply changing the specified path. File APIs compliant with POSIX specifications are provided.

Host file system

The host-side (Windows) file system can be accessed from the target application using file I/O. This allows rapid prototyping on platforms where non-volatile storage is not yet available, or automated update during debugging by pulling the storage data from the host through regular filesystem accesses.

Target daemon

The target daemon communicates with eBinder via the debug port to provide a variety of debugging features. The debug port may be UART, Ethernet, or JTAG-ICE depending on the system.

Virtual TTY

Virtual console input/output can be provided for each task. This can be used for purposes such as debugging output during system development.

RTOS SDK suites with eBinder IDE

Our real-time operation systems (RTOS) are bundled with middleware and the eBinder IDE to complete SDK suites.

Real-Time OS
You can choose SDK suites for any member of our scalable RTOS family:
  • eT-Kernel - extended, commercial versions of T-Kernel specification
  • eMCOS - Scalable Real-Time OS with highest Multi-core performance

Middleware (Optional)
User can select among different file systems, high-speed TCP/IP protocol stacks, USB stacks, and various third-party middleware.

 What is eBinder?Tool and Function List 

2. Configuration of eBinder Development Tools

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