eBinder is a suite of module groups comprised of host-side development tools and a target platform.

Development tools

C/C++ compiler
  • Genuine Arm Compiler (RCVT 6.x toolchain, Ultimate Edition)
  • GNU GCC (Depending on the target architecture : SH, MIPS, or Power Architecture)
Multi-programming tools
System analysis tools
Software component packaging tool
Arm's FVP (Fixed Virtual Platforms)

Target platform

Logical file system (LFS)

This system provides a UNIX-like streaming file I/O. Different streams can be accessed by simply changing the specified path. File APIs compliant with POSIX specifications are provided.

Host file system

The host-side (Windows) file system can be accessed from the target application using file I/O. This allows rapid prototyping on platforms where non-volatile storage is not yet available, or automated update during debugging by pulling the storage data from the host through regular filesystem accesses.

Target daemon

The target daemon communicates with eBinder via the debug port to provide a variety of debugging features. The debug port may be serial, Ethernet, or JTAG ICE depending on the system.

Virtual TTY

Virtual console input/output can be provided for each task. This can be used for purposes such as debugging output during system development.

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