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[Third-Party Product] Lauterbach Support for eMCOS® POSIX

Lauterbach announced the extension of its TRACE32 debug system to include support for the eMCOS® POSIX Operating System from eSOL Co., Ltd. Working in close co-operation with eSOL engineers, the awareness has been initially created for Arm64 devices with plans for other architectures to follow. The eMCOS POSIX Operating System is compliant to IEEE 1003.13 PRE53 and also supports PSE51 and PSE53. "The addition of TRACE32 to the available debugging tools for eMCOS and eMCOS POSIX will allow eSOL customers to have more choice and reduce their development time" said Rolland Dudemaine, Vice-President Engineering at eSOL Europe. "This will help taking advantage of well-known debug solutions, with our modern, high-performance, safety-critical RTOS".

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