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[Third-Party Product] OPC UA Toolkit for ITRON from Another Ware Adds Support for eT-Kernel™

Developed by Another Ware Co., Ltd. to enable the rapid and low-cost development of OPC UA servers on ITRON, OPC UA Toolkit for ITRON has now added support for eT-Kernel™, eSOL's TRON-based real-time operating system (RTOS). By facilitating the incorporation of OPC UA into existing embedded systems based on eT-Kernel, this promotes greater use of IoT features in industrial equipment.

Having been adopted as the de facto standard for the communication layer in Germany's Industrie 4.0 initiative, OPC UA is an international standard that is increasingly being used around the world as a communication protocol that speeds up the trend toward industrial equipment becoming part of the IoT. Another Ware is uniquely positioned as a company with the technology to implement OPC UA server functions on an ITRON-based RTOS.

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eT-Kernel is widely used as an RTOS across a diverse range of industries, including industrial equipment, automobiles, aerospace systems, and consumer devices. It also enables software to be developed using the eBinder® integrated development environment for real-time systems. As such, it is contributing to the more efficient development of industrial equipment that requires high reliability and real-time performance, and also to the greater use of IoT features in such equipment made possible by OPC UA. 

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