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[Addition of Features] Improvement of TCP/IP Protocol Stack Compliance with MISRA-C, RFC, and Additional Standards

We have carried out a comprehensive refactoring of the eT-Kernel and eMCOS high-speed TCP/IP protocol stack for the embedded systems we are developing and providing, and we have achieved the following.

1) Improved compliance with RFC standard specifications, and provision of compliance evidence standards
2) Compliance with the latest coding standards
MISRA Compliance 2016 (MISRA C:2012+MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1)
CERT C (SEI CERT C Coding Standard 2016 Edition + ERR34-C)
Implementation of divergence procedure in conformity with MISRA C ADC (Approved Deviation Compliance)

This support enables documentation and submission of information (evidence) necessary for compliance with RFC, MISRA-C, and CERT C standard specifications, thus reducing costs expended by users in investigations. The provided documentation details compliance statuses, including whether there is support at a functional level for standard specifications as well as reasons in the event of non-compliance, and specific information regarding operation of the protocol stack.