Embedded World 2019 <Finished>

eSOL participated in Embedded World 2019 held in Nuremberg, Germany from February 26th to 28th.

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eSOL showcased  technology demonstrations targeting automotive and industrial, robotics markets, with using the following technologies:

Enabling High-Reliability Embedded Systems Development
AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform

  • Mobility- & Computing-as-a-Service
    (MaaS & CaaS)
  • Supports advanced in-vehicle distributed systems design
  • OS/System-aware development environment
ROS/ROS 2 Platform      
  • Effective autonomous control system development solutions using ROS/ROS 2
  • Commercial support for ROS/ROS 2 on several platforms
  • Separation of safety and non-safety components
OS Consolidation      
  • Safety critical RTOS isolation using
    Arm® TrustZone®
  • Enabling full use of multi-core processors
  • ISO 26262-certified
Deep Learning      
  • High-Performance Computing on
    Kalray MPPA
  • Optimized throughput for large sensor data processing
  • Many-core eMCOS RTOS

eSOL's scalable RTOS eMCOS is used in these demonstrations. eMCOS supports scalability from MCUs and single-core configurations to multi-many-core processors as well as multi-chip configurations, and provides its real-time capability and high-reliability for the latest advanced systems such as autonomous driving systems, industrial robots, and medical equipments.

Also, eSOL presented its solutions at the Exhibitor's Forum with a session titled "Scaling up, down and right - a distributed micro-kernel for Automotive, Robotics and IoT".

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Event information

February 26th - 28th, 2019
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany
eSOL's stand no.
4-506, in Hall 4

Speech information

Date/Time February 27th, 14:00-14:30
Venue Stand no. 2-510, in Hall 2
Speaker Rolland Dudemaine, Dipl. Ingr., eSOL Europe S.A.S.
Title Scaling up, down and right
- a distributed micro-kernel for Automotive, Robotics and IoT
AbstractWith constant evolution of both hardware and application-level software, operating systems also must adapt to more advanced architectures. eSOL eMCOS is a distributed microkernel that can scale from small 32-bit microcontrollers, up to many-core processors with POSIX PSE53 support. This allows a unified platform for tiny Edge IoT devices, ROS-based robotics, but also HPC and autonomous driving.

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