As a Premium Partner in the AUTOSAR consortium for developing standard specifications for in-vehicle software platforms, eSOL has contributed to the development of specifications for an in-vehicle system software platform by using our specialized technologies and know-how. We have also played an important role in creating the latest specifications of the consortium.

eSOL offers its own AUTOSAR-related software, engineer resources, and more to eSOL-financed AUBASS CO., LTD. We also offer basic software (BSW) and related tools from AUBASS to in-vehicle electronic system software as the AUBIST series.


Denso Corporation, eSOL Co., Ltd., and NEC Communication Systems, Ltd. joined together to establish AUBASS CO., LTD. to develop the core software for in-vehicle electronic systems and related tools.

AUBASS develops solution for both AUTOSAR Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform in conformance with AUTOSAR specifications as well as customer demands. The company also offer Integrated Package, Portable Package, engineering services, and more.

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