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*AUBIST-related products will be provided by eSOL in place of AUBASS from April 1, 2024, as AUBASS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO.

*AUBIST HYPERVISOR is a generic name for AUBIST Hypervisor for MCU and AUBIST Hypervisor.

AUBIST HYPERVISOR is an essential virtualization solution for integrated, high-performance automotive ECUs. The AUTOSAR Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform hypervisors are available.

What is the hypervisor?

While the OS, sometimes referred to as a supervisor, is responsible for managing and running multiple user applications, the hypervisor is the mechanism that manages and runs multiple OS-based systems.
The hypervisor can essentially run the hypervisorless OS as a guest OS. A hypervisor is a virtualization technology that virtualizes hardware as if it were occupied by a single OS. Using hypervisors to integrate multiple systems into a single unit requires high computing power and specialized mechanisms, but the increased computing power of the CPU and the enhanced virtualization support of the microprocessor make it possible to implement hypervisors in embedded environments. In practice, virtualization requires features such as resource isolation, scheduling and time protection, interrupt handling trapping, and VM switching.

Benefits of Implementation

In in-vehicle systems, high-speed startup, real-time performance, reliability, and stability are required, so platforms based on real-time OSs are widely used. On the other hand, there is a growing demand for advanced graphics and networks in automotive systems. There is an increasing demand for utilizing the rich graphics and network functions of general-purpose operating systems while ensuring the immediate responsiveness, fast startup, and high reliability of real-time operating systems. This is why the need for hypervisors is increasing in automotive systems.

Requirements for In-Vehicle hypervisors

  • Guest Integration
    -Multiple Guests per Core
    -Guests can have different levels of safety (QM, ASIL-A-D)
    -One guest cannot access another guest
  • Guest that can be installed
    -It can include an OS, or it can be OS-less. OS of other vendors may be included.
    -Interrupts and peripheral devices available with minimal source code changes
  • Controlling Guest
    -Guest can be started, shut down and restarted
    -Can be rewritten on a guest basis
  • Peripheral
    -Provides standard Ethernet drivers as shared peripheral drivers
    -Other peripherals will be used exclusively for Guest as a standard offering
  • Power saver mode
    -ECU power saving mode available

About Products

eSOL provides hypervisor solutions for the Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform to meet the above market and automotive requirements.

AUBIST Hypervisor for MCU

AUBIST Hypervisor

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