AUBIST Hypervisor
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*AUBIST-related products will be provided by eSOL in place of AUBASS from April 1, 2024, as AUBASS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO.

The AUBIST Hypervisor is a hypervisor product designed to integrate with general-purpose operating systems such as Linux and multi-process systems.


The guest on the AUBIST Hypervisor is a real-time application running on the host OS, as well as a general-purpose OS such as Linux or Android. Of course, you can combine these with bare metal systems as well as multi-process systems. Integrate real-time applications and general-purpose systems into a single system. A hosted hypervisor solution that enables spatial and temporal partitioning required for integrated systems for automotive applications.


  • Full compatibility between real-time and rich functionality
    A hosted hypervisor based on the AUBIST AP OS with real-time performance enables real-time applications such as autonomous driving and function-rich applications to coexist in a memory/time separated space.

  • AUBIST Leverage advanced scheduling features of AP OS
    The AUBIST AP OS's layered scheduler effectively schedules each VM while retaining the advanced scheduling features of the AUBIST AP OS, such as load balancing and time separation.

  • Easily customizable to boot
    Because the guest OS runs as a process of the AUBIST AP OS, you can describe the guest OS boot sequence as a simple process boot process. This makes it easy to customize sequential boot, multi-core parallel boot, etc.

  • Easy driver portability
    Linux supports the standard Virtio drivers, making it easy to port Linux guests. It also supports the Pass Through driver, allowing access to peripheral devices without overhead.

  • High robustness
    AUBIST Minimize the virtualization mechanisms built into the AP OS and do more with virtual machine monitors placed in user space. Therefore, an error in the guest OS or the virtual machine itself does not affect the AUBIST AP OS.

System Configuration Example

System Configuration Example
AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform + Linux + Android + ROS

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