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*AUBIST-related products will be provided by eSOL in place of AUBASS from April 1, 2024, as AUBASS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO.

AUBIST is an automotive software platform based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform.
We have developed AUBIST together with its customers, who have world-class automotive technologies and extensive experience, based on the know-how that we have cultivated, and offers scalable products that match the customer's ECU development style (ECU characteristics, AUTOSAR introduction policy, etc.).


  • Compliant with AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R19-11 and 4.2.x (4.3.x with some features)
  • Complies with functional safety (ASIL-D) software development processes AUTOSAR ARXML ready (BSW/Tool)
  • AUTOSAR ARXML ready (BSW/Tool)
  • Provides new features for Adaptive integration and ECU integration
    - Supports SOME/IP and SD
    - Hypervisor product and BSW's virtualization mechanism support integrated ECU
  • Used by world's top automakers and Tier1s
  • Configurator and engineering services can also be provided

Product Structure

AUBIST Classic Platform is a software product that supports AUTOSAR R19-11, 4.2.x (4.3.x with some features). The modules in each layer of AUTOSAR CP are commercialized in the required functional unit (= Functional Cluster) shown below. Offered in a combination of individual modules to meet customers' needs.


AUBIST Hypervisor for MCU


Applicable Fields

  • ECU products requiring AUTOSAR compliant software
    - Needs for new specifications in Security, Diagnostics, Ethernet, CAN, etc.
  • ECU products requiring real-time performance
  • Adaptive linked ECU products
  • Software Platform Products for Integrated ECUs

AUBIST Classic Platform TOPICS

Functional Safety
eSOL adheres to a functional safety (ASIL-D) compliant software development process.
In 2020, we ware awarded the software development process certification of the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 2nd Edition (ISO 26262: 2018) by SGS-TUV Saar GmbH of Germany, a third-party certification body.
In recent years, autonomous driving technology has become more sophisticated and automotive network services have become more diverse. By implementing an ISO 26262 2nd Edition compliant development process, AUBIST products are ready to meet more product needs. In addition to providing safe and secure BSWs, we will create the quality and functions necessary for automotive BSWs.

Service-oriented communications technology
The network architecture of connected vehicles requires a system that can flexibly extend applications and leverage existing functionality throughout the system. "Service-oriented communication" to realize this mechanism is required, and SOME/IP technology is promising. The Jaspar Next-Generation High-Speed LAN WG has started to study SOME/IP technology, and AUBIST CP SOME/IP is now available. SOME/IP functionality can also be implemented in conjunction with the AUBIST Adaptive Platform.

Integration and Virtualization Technology
Virtualization technology used in multi-core MCUs is essential for integrated, high-performance computing in automotive ECUs. With the AUBIST Hypervisor for MCU, which uses the MCU's virtualization support mechanism to efficiently provide virtualization functions, and the AUBIST CP BSW equipped with the corresponding virtualization mechanism, We provides the solution required for the next generation of control system ECUs and integrated ECUs.

Safe and Safety Connectivity for compliance with security regulations and standards
Future vehicles will be required to comply with regulations (WP29) and standards (ISO21434) to ensure security against evolving cyber attacks. AUTOSAR R20-11 defines Intrusion Detection Systems Manager (IdsM), a detection function for cyber attacks. IdsM detects external cyber attacks, collects and filters them as security event logs, and notifies the center of the collected security event logs via the Intrusion Detection Systems Report (IDSR). eSOL has already introduced IdsM in AUTOSAR CP BSW (for R19-11) and is planning a platform for collecting security events.

Expansion of diagnostic function for connected cars

With regard to diagnostic technology, the use of image big data has been accelerated (remote diagnostic enhancement), and diagnostic service for security was added to an ISO standard for supporting autonomous driving. For OBD, OBDonUDS standard was established. The adoption of diagnostic services in the advanced safety field in European electronic automobile inspection (ePTI) and Japanese automobile inspection is expanding. In response to these market demands, AUBIST CP BSW supports the following:. [Enhanced diagnostic (Non-OBD)] Remote Diagnostic Upgrade (SID $86)/Correspondence to OEMs‘ AUTOSAR SWS support request/Managing non-diagnostic information (UserDefinedMemory support, etc.) [OBD] OBDonUDS support [Others] Tool authentication support (SID$29)

Product Variation

We provides software packages (IIP=Individual Integration Package) that combine and integrate the necessary software components starting with AUTOSAR R19-11.
With the integration menu, engineering services and more, we can flexibly respond to the diversifying needs of our customers.

  • Portable Package(AUBIST BSW)
4.2.x (4.3.x with some features) is available in a ready-made package (PP version: Portable Package version) that can be purchased/used per function.
Customers who are introducing AUTOSAR for the first time can implement it smoothly.
We can also offer you the features you need as an integrated package that complies with AUTOSAR Methodology, such as RTE integration.

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