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*AUBIST-related products will be provided by eSOL in place of AUBASS from April 1, 2024, as AUBASS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO.

The AUBIST Tool provides the AUBIST Configurator and its extensions for configuration, validation, and generating source code for the AUBIST CP BSW. The enhanced AUBIST Configurator Option Plugin allows you to use the OEM-specific communication specifications and design information import functionality.


Product List

  • AUBIST Configurator
  • AUBIST Configurator Option Plugin


  • Configuration method can be selected according to the purpose.
    Standard configuration function ("AR Config"): Configuration based on AUTOSAR
    Easy configuration function ("Easy Config"): Reduce Configuration items and customer effort
    ― Simplifies complex AUTOSAR configurations
    ― Tool screens, similar to spreadsheets, provide an easy-to-use interface.

  • Import Feature
    Support for ARXML import of design information in accordance with AUTOSAR R19-11
    *Configurator for R4.2 is available, too.
    Support for direct import of OEM communication specifications (when using Option Plugin)

  • Development environment with high usability
    Individual FCs can be combined and run on a single project
    Easily add and remove modules for project reuse

AUBIST Tool and BSW Function Correspondence Table

License Variation

Two types of licenses available, "Nodelock license" and "Floating license", to meet your needs.

Recommended Operating Environments

OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Required Memory size 16 GB or above
Required disk space 1 GB or above

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