Tuxera & eSOL Joint Webinar: Designing a Future-Proof Embedded Application

Embedded operating systems and filesystems are an old hat, right? Wrong!

You can still read in the news about very expensive OEMs recalls caused by incorrectly used memory components. Furthermore, many applications that should provide high performances are actually using traditional RTOSes that are based on single-microkernel basis. This represents a major bottleneck for multi/manycore hardware, because they were developed in times of single-core CPUs.

The truth is that today’s multi/manycore hardware also needs a modern RTOS architecture and a simple interface for a safe embedded memory handling.

In this webinar, we will explain how to safely develop applications for embedded high-performance computing on a modern base that is future proof. You’ll learn how to stop wasting hardware, and how to protect your embedded memory.

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