Watch Our Hypervisor Webinar On-demand

eSOL recently hosted a live webinar entitled "Why Choose Between Virtualization and Real-Time When You Can Actually Have Both". If you missed this live webinar, you may still watch the recording on demand.

Today's solutions go beyond legacy hypervisor approaches, achieving the highest levels of freedom from interference (FFI), Functional Safety (FuSa), and the best multi-core performance in the embedded market. eSOL explained how to provide the best aspects of virtualization and real-time operating-system performance with the latest development tools in this webinar.

The webinar explained how to solve the complexity of virtualized systems, optimized for the highest levels of security. It also explained when to use – and when not to use – a hypervisor, with the availability of other solutions like software containers for instance. The webinar covered ways to address applications with mixed criticality, such as ADAS/AD and advanced industrial automation.

By watching this webinar, you will find out about these technologies and learn about the following topics: 
  • Key aspects of modern hypervisors
  • Freedom from interference
  • Keeping the real-time of virtualized systems
  • Master applications with mixed criticality
To watch the recording, a pre-registration is required. Access to this webinar is free of charge.