eSOL's partners

CPU/Semiconductor IP

Company name Arm Limited.
Company website Arm website (English)

eSOL is an official training partner (ATP)> certified by Arm.

Company name Ambarella
Company website Ambarella website (English)

Company name Intel Corporation
Company website Intel website (English)

Company name Xilinx Inc.
Company website Xilinx website (English)

eSOL is a member of the Xilinx Alliance Program.

Company name STMicroelectronics
Company website STMicroelectronics website (English)

Company name Texas Instruments Incorporated
Company website TI website (English)

Company name Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
Company website Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage website (English)

Company name Socionext Inc.
Company website Socionext website (English)

Company name NXP Semiconductors
Company website NXP Semiconductors website (English)

Company name Renesas Electronics Corporation
Company website Renesas Electronics website (English)

eSOL is a member of the Alliance Partners Program.

Alliance Partners Program website (English)

eSOL is a member of the R-Car consortium.

R-Car Consortium website (English)

eSOL is a member of the R-IN consortium.

R-IN Consortium website (English)
Company name Synopsys, Inc.
Company website Synopsys website (Engkish)

Company name KALRAY Corporation
Company website KALRAY website (English)

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Company name Empress Software, Inc.
Company website Empress Software website (English)
Products Embedded database

Company name Kyoto Software Research, Inc.
Company website Kyoto Software Research website (Japanese)
Products Flash file system

Company name C&G, Inc.
Company website C&G website (Japanese)
Products Font

Company name ZUKEN ELMIC, INC.
Company website ZUKEN ELMIC website (English)
Products Network protocol, EthernetAVB

Company name Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation
Company website Ubiquitous Computing Technology website (English)
Products μT-Kernel

Company name IT Access Co., Ltd.
Company website IT Access website (English)
Products Web browser, CIFS
Company name wolfSSL Inc.
Company website wolfSSL website (English)
Products SSL/TLS
>Company name Another Ware Co.,Ltd.
Company website Another Ware website (Japanese)
Products OPC-UA Server
Company name Sherpa Inc.
Company website Sherpa website (Japanese)
Products Industrial Ethernet

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Company name Kyoto Microcomputer Co.,Ltd.
Company website Kyoto Microcomputer website (Japanese)

Company name DTS INSIGHT Corporation
Company website DTS INSIGHT website (English)

Company name SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH
Company website SEGGER Microcontroller website (English)