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[Solutions] Industrial R-IN Engine Multi-protocol Ethernet-compatible RTOS Solution

This solution enables implementation in a real-time system of multiple industrial Ethernet protocols including PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP for RZ/T series and RZ/N series incorporating the "R-IN Engine" industrial Ethernet communications accelerator from Renesas Electronics.

In the development of industrial IoT products, in which support for multiple protocols is required within a single product, this integrated solution provides multi-protocol support for industrial Ethernet at a low cost, without requiring changes to the real-time control applications operating on the Arm Cortex-R4 and Arm Cortex-A7 in the RZ/T and RZ/N series devices. Arm Cortex-M3 side can also be supplied as a binary for use.

◆ Corresponding performance
・RZ/T Series (RZ/T1)
  Supported evaluation board: Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T1
・RZ/N Series (support planned)