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[Outsourced Development Results] eSOL's Scalable RTOS Supports the ''BlueBox'' Autonomous Driving Platform

eSOL's scalable real-time OS eMCOS now supports SoC with two different architectures mounted on the "BlueBox" autonomous driving platform manufactured by NXP. This uses a real-time OS for simple control of several cores on two SoCs, and by seamlessly integrating SoCs, provides application development with a unified view, as if on a single system. This helps in making it easy to enable effective heterogeneous* computing.

◆ Corresponding performance
Development platform
:BlueBox〔manufactured by NXP〕
CPU:S32V234 Vision Processor (Arm Cortex-A53 x 4, Arm Cortex-M4),
QorIQ Layerscape LS2084A multi-core processor (Arm Cortex-A72 x 8)
〔manufactured by NXP〕

* Heterogeneous: Refers to a processor combining different types of core.