eSOL CTO Gives a Talk Regarding the Latest AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Specifications at MPSoC’18 International Conference

Masaki Gondo, a board of directors and CTO of eSOL Co., Ltd. will give a talk regarding the latest specifications of "AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AP)" which is an automotive software platform standard at MPSoC’18 international conference in Utah, USA from 29th July to 3rd August.

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Date : 1st August (Wed) 10:00 - 10:30
Subject : An Update Of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform And Application Of Scalable Distributed Microkernels
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eSOL has been a Premium Partner of AUTOSAR development partnership activity since April, 2016 as a key contributor of specification development for software platform based on outstanding expertise and knowledge in automotive systems. We are also implementing the latest AUTOSAR specification into a our proprietary distributed microkernel architecture based scalable real-time OS "eMCOS" and provide global standard based technologies along with associated company AUBASS Co., Ltd. to automotive suppliers and OEM.