eSOL Gave an Endorsement to the Press Release Issued by the Multicore Association

The Multicore Association has opend the Software-Hardware Interface for the Multi-Many-Core (SHIM) specification and reference open source software. The specification was developed by the SHIM working group of the Multicore Association, which Masaki Gondo, Software CTO and GM of Technology at eSOL, chairs. Masaki gave an endorsement to the press release issued by the Multicore Association.

The Multicore Association announced in the press release that they opend the SHIM specification to the public. SHIM describes the architectual features of multi-core/many-core processors to shrink support costs of software tools and runtime software. The Multicore Association also provides free SHIM editor source code and binaries, and performance measurement tools.

"Now that the first version of SHIM is complete, eSOL will be among the first companies to implement product utilizing the standard. SHIM will enable eSOL and the industry in general, to more easily support successive generations of SoCs from semiconductor vendors without requiring extensive development tool upgrades."

"Multicore Association Provides Architecture Description Standard to Enhance Software Tool Support for Multicore and Manycore Processors"