eSOL Gave an Endorsement to the New ARMv8-R Architecture

Hiroaki Kamikura, General Manager of the Embedded Products Division at eSOL, gave an endorsement to the newly announced ARMv8-R architecture. The new architecture is designed for use in automotive electronics and other integrated safety and control applications.

"eSOL has been providing competitive solutions using eSOL's strong OS technology optimized for ARM processors, for many years, and we look forward to providing support for processors based on the new ARMv8-R architecture when they appear. We consider ourselves as one of the very few real-time OS-centered software vendors who has deep skills and knowledge both in automotive information and control systems, key markets to be addressed by the ARMv8-R architecture. We expect our eT-Kernel real-time OS and its dedicated IDE to be certified for ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard in the second quarter in 2014."

Press release from ARM on the ARMv8-R architecture