eSOL Will be Participating in Online Embedded Multicore Summit 2021 Held by Japanese Embedded Multicore Consortium

eSOL will be participating in Embedded Multicore Summit 2021, organized by Embedded Multicore Consortium on November 18.  

eSOL is not only providing multi/many-core OS for its customers but also actively participates in industry trade groups and business associations, focusing on development of multi/many-core technologies. eSOL’s CTO is also vice chair of Embedded Multicore Consortium – main sponsor of the event. 

Embedded Multicore Summit is held in Japanese, and it is highly recommended for those, who are interested in multi/many-core technologies.

■ About Embedded Multicore Summit 2021
Date 13:00-17:15 November 18, 2021
Venue Online
Participation prior registration is required (free)
Contents Studies results covering IEEE2804 SHIM performance assessment, sessions about development process involving multi/many-core systems and other latest trends of the industry

■ About eSOL’s presentation
Date 13:55-14:20 November 18, 2021
Title Introducing eMBP - design tool to automatically generate parallel code for multi-core systems
Contents Introduction about eMBP - model based parallelization design tool, developed by eSOL in collaboration with Nagoya University’s professor Edahiro’s laboratory. This presentation will be focused on main features of the product, latest improvements and future initiatives.
Presenter Fujimoto Hiroshi, Technology Headquarters R&D Group