Delivering total engineering services
for the diversified needs of the evolving IT industry.

Given the constant advances in the IT industry, customers' needs are becoming more diversified towards increasingly complex technologies. eSOL offers a wide range of systems development assistance in response to those needs --- from consulting to development, testing to maintenance. For instance, clients can count on system development experts at eSOL's Solution Engineering Division to educate system engineers and programmers --- a task that has grown in importance in recent years --- or to open up potential needs for system construction. eSOL makes full use of its software products, development tools, engineering skills and experience to respond to every demand.

  • Network engineer
  • Testing engineer   Quality assurance support
  • Technical consulting
  • Internet engineer  Web application, Server function
  • PC system engineer   GUI construction
  • UNIX system engineer
  • Business application engineer
  • DSP engineer   Static image, Moving image, Speech processing