PrUSB Host Class Driver
USB Host-side Stack Class Driver
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PrUSB Host Class Driver overview

Various class drivers are available for PrUSB Host. Embedding a class driver makes it easy to develop a system that supports specific USB devices.

In addition to those described below, other class drivers will be supported in the near future. eSOL can also develop or customize new class drivers upon request.

Class drivers

MSC Driver

This Mass Storage Class driver is an optional product for PrUSB Host. Embedding the Mass Storage Class driver provides a storage function when the connected device, such as a large-capacity device or digital camera, supports the Mass Storage Class.

The features of the Mass Storage Class driver are as follows:
  • Supports the Bulk-Only Transfer Protocol Supports the bulk-only transfer protocol
  • Supports the following subclasses:
    • SCSI transparent command set
      • SFF-8020i/MMC-2(ATAPI)
        • Supports multiple LUN
        • A file system is required to operate Mass Storage Class (PrFILE®2, PrFILE2 exFAT is recommended).

        Audio Class Driver

        This Audio Class driver is an optional product for PrUSB Host. The Audio Class driver and isochronous transfer function are required for a USB device to connect to a car audio system or stationary audio player, and to certain portable music players or other portable devices.

        CDC Driver

        This Communication Device Class (CDC) driver is an optional product for PrUSB Host. Abstract Control Model (ACM) is supported.

        HID Class Driver

        This class driver is for connecting to a HID (Human Interface Device) Class device. Peripheral devices belonging to the HID Class include keyboards, mice, joysticks, and tablets. Support for the HID Class enables connection to such devices.

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