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FAT File System Drivers
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PrFILE®2 Drivers overview

PrFILE2, PrFILE2 exFAT support various media, including the major memory cards. PrFILE2, PrFILE2 exFAT and the compatible driver can be used for instantly building a file system.

The following sample drivers are included as standard with PrFILE2, PrFILE2 exFAT:

  • RAM disk
  • Pseudo disk

In addition to these, various other drivers are provided as options for PrFILE2, PrFILE2 exFAT. eSOL can also develop or customize drivers for supporting new media upon request.

Optional drivers

SD Memory Card Driver

This device driver is for SD memory cards (SD/SDHC/SDXC) and MultiMediaCards (MMC).
Supported controllers: RZ/A1 built-in controller, Zynq-7000 built-in controller, CycelonV SoC built-in controller, i.MX6 Quad built-in controller, etc.

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