Engineering services for AUBIST products
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*AUBIST-related products will be provided by eSOL in place of AUBASS from April 1, 2024, as AUBASS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO.

eSOL has supported many developments aimed at world-class customers. Japan's largest professional engineers with extensive experience support smooth BSW deployment and implementation as requested by customers.


By effectively collaborating with our own product development departments and various industry organizations, we provide advanced cutting-edge technologies as engineering services.


  • Customization Services
    Supports flexible customized development such as function addition and performance improvement to AUBIST according to customer's request. And porting AUBIST BSW to specific designated hardware.

  • Validation Services
    Evaluation and verification under specific conditions (compiler and options), and in the environment (ECU/evaluation board).

  • Deployment Assistance Services
    For the introduction of AUBIST products, we will explain how to use AUBIST TOOL and how to configure each FC in workshop-style training. In response to customer requests, provides a reference environment for AUBIST BSW to assist in the early launch of the product.

  • Integration Service
    Supports design configuration according to product specifications. Reviews customer's implementation code and design documentation for configuration settings and how to use the public interface. And supports integrate to your software with AUBIST products.

  • Consulting Services
    Provides lecture-style training on the overview of AUTOSAR CP, individual training on customer-designated AUBIST's FC, and lecture of the functional safety measures of the AUBIST BSW.

Application examples

At eSOL, Japan's largest professional engineers in AUTOSAR and BSW provide engineering services and have extensive experience.

Examples of Application of Engineering Services in Fiscal 2020

There are many applications that meet customers' latest requirements, such as automotive microcontrollers, OEM specifications, and ECU functions. Please feel free to contact us.

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