Real-time OS for many-core processors

Extended T-Kernel RTOS

eSOL introduces a scalable, highly-reliable real-time operating system (RTOS) platform integrating the best of our products and services which have been refined with over 40 years of embedded software technology and experience since our founding. This platform is ideal for applications that require strict quality and real-time capability such as automotive systems, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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Supports scalability from microcontroller and single-core to heterogeneous multi/many-core architectures

The core RTOS can be selected from eMCOS built on cutting-edge technology or Tried and true TRON type eT-Kernel to meet the scale and usage needs of the development system. Scalable support is available for systems ranging from microcontroller and single-core, to multi-core and many-core. The RTOS platform offers all common API like POSIX and TRON (T-Kernel, μITRON), AUTOSAR, etc., so that software assets, engineer resources, and specialized technologies can be easily reused. eSOL provides unwavering support for improving QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) in product series development and future product development using HPC (High-Performance Computing) technology.

Reliability & Safety

Long experience in high-reliability systems and safety, and development processes compliant with functional safety standards

The RTOS platform incorporates the RTOS technology and strict quality standards developed by eSOL from its track record of demonstrated results in supporting in-vehicle system development.

Since it first hit the market in 2005, eT-Kernel has been adopted in Japan and overseas, from in-vehicle, industrial, and space technologies to consumer goods, continuing to provide highly-reliable results. It has also been certified compliant to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 functional safety standards, meeting the highest level in safety certification.

The core of all eT-Kernel profiles, "eT-Kernel Compact" has been certified to the following Functional Safety standards.
- ISO 26262 ASIL D (for automotive)
- IEC 61508 SIL 4 (for industrial equipment)

Moreover, eSOL products that make up the RTOS platform are developed in compliance with a development process (third-party certified) under these functional safety standards. This helps reduce costs associated with compliance with functional safety standards, and contributes to high-quality software development. 

Tool Integration

Engineering services, middleware, and development tools for easy plug-in extension are integrated with the RTOS

Run-time RTOS integrates extensive middleware and  an Eclipse-based development environment with easy plugin expansion offering a professional service along with unified product support, customization, and porting. Implementing this RTOS platform helps solve platform development and building issues, providing an environment where efforts can focus on application development. 

Adoption Results

This highly-reliable platform is tried and tested, achieving remarkable success in a wide-range of fields, including in-vehicle devices, factory automation devices, digital consumer devices, and more.

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