eSOL was among the first companies to introduce a real-time operating system (RTOS) for multi-core processors: the eT-Kernel MCE (*Multi-Core Edition). The eT-Kernel MCE incorporates eSOL’s unique Blended Scheduling technology, which allows both Symmetrical Multi-Processing (SMP) and Asymmetrical Multi-Processing (AMP) subsystems to coexist on a single system. It offers high compatibility with Linux with its POSIX support. A system protection feature for protecting memory and CPU time is provided to streamline systems integration and ensure real-time determinism, as well as high reliability for multi-core system deployments. The eT-Kernel MCE is widely used in systems such as car navigation systems and printers.

In anticipation of increased use of many-core processors in embedded systems in the future, eSOL developed eMCOS as the world’s first commercially available RTOS that supports many-core processors for embedded systems. Many-core processors achieve optimal energy efficiency and performance scalability by increasing or decreasing the number of cores in use according to processing requirements. Thanks to their features, many-core processors are ideal for advanced embedded systems requiring precise control with minimal power consumption, such as image recognition, cyber-physical security and devices, medical, and energy systems as well as networking, automotive, transportation, and robots.

Based on the advanced technical skills and practical know-how cultivated by developing these products, eSOL is a leading provider of software development solutions for multi-core and many-core processors.

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Related Activities

Embedded Multicore Consortium

Embedded Multicore Consortium (EMC) is an industry-academia organization that fosters the dissemination of multi-core/many-core technologies in Japan through an ecosystem consisting of system, software, tool, and semiconductor vendors. EMC contributes to the development of multi-core/many-core technologies by conducting the following activities;

  • Standardizes and promotes the Software-Hardware Interface for the Multi-Many-Core (SHIM) in collaboration with Multicore Association in the USA
  • Develops design tools for multi-core processors on platforms using SHIM

eSOL is a Vice-President and Director of EMC.
eSOL Joins the Embedded Multicore Consortium, an Organization Fostering the Dissemination of Multi-Core/Many-Core Technologies in Japan (November 17, 2014)

Multicore Association SHIM Working Group

The Multicore Association (MCA) is an international industry group for organizations involved in multi-core and many-core technologies. SHIM WG was established in MCA with the following main goals ;

  • Standardize the SHIM interface to describe various multi-core processors with the same method
  • Accelerate the market adoption of multi-core development tools and runtime software