Scalable, highly-reliable Real-time Operating System platforms

eSOL's scalable, high-reliability RTOS platform is ideal for applications that require strict quality and real-time capabilities such as automotive systems, industrial equipment and medical devices.
eSOL's RTOS platform is now deployed in over 100 million embedded devices globally.


Scalability support from microcontrollers and single-core processors up to heterogeneous multi/many-core architectures

The RTOS, the heart of the platform, can be selected based on the scale and application of the development system: eMCOS, incorporating cutting-edge technology, or TRON-based eT-Kernel, with its proven track record of success. Scalable support is provided from microcontrollers and single-core processor to multi/many-core hardware configurations. Additionally, the RTOS platform, which supports major APIs such as POSIX and AUTOSAR, enables easy reuse of existing software assets, engineering resources and specialized technology. eSOL provides unwavering support for improving QCD (quality, cost, delivery) in product series deployment and future product development using high-performance computing technology.

Functional Safety

Functional Safety support for Automotive and Industrial Equipment (ISO 26262 / IEC 61508)

eMCOS and eT-Kernel have been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH under the following functional safety standards.
・For automotive: ISO 26262 ASIL D
・For industrial equipment: IEC 61508 SIL 4

eSOL's RTOS product development process has been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, in compliance with functional safety standards for vehicles and industrial equipment.

eSOL's eMCOS and eT-Kernel pre-certified RTOS products and Safety Packages can reduce the labor required to justify the safety of user systems related to the OS and lower the cost of complying with regulations.


Maximize the performance of heterogeneous multi/many-cores with high-speed inter-core communication

eMCOS is a single OS, connecting micro kernels installed in each CPU core via high-speed message passing. This enables users to flexibly deal with various types of hardware, optimized according to usage requirements, from homogeneous multi-core to many-core or heterogeneous multi-core hardware, to build a highly-efficient system that maximizes hardware performance.

Development Tools & Engineering Services

Integration of the Development Tools for easy plug-in expansion with Middleware, Engineering services and Real-Time OS  

The RTOS and middleware are integrated around the eBinder Eclipse-based development environment, making it easy to plug in extensions. eBinder additionally provides integrated extensions for advanced development and debugging. With this platform, development and build are simplified, enabling an environment where developers can focus on application development. We also provide engineering and professional services including product support, customization and porting.

Real-time operating system (RTOS) 

    eMCOS incorporates a distributed micro-kernel architecture, which is very different compared to conventional multi-core Operation System designs. This unique architecture, combined with a unique patented scheduling technology called “semi-priority base scheduling”, provides both high-throughput and a level of real-time determinism that is essential for embedded systems. The OS can be deployed on single-core processor, multi-core processor, on-chip flash memory microcomputers, GPU, FPGA, etc. With the next level of computing requirements, eMCOS is designed to support heterogeneous hardware in a single deployment, making it is ideal for next-generation, IoT-era distributed computing.

    eT-Kernel features two profiles which can be selected according to usage and system scale. From large-scale system requirements, supporting memory protection functions and multi-process model, down to compact systems close to µITRON structure. A multi-core processor compatible version called eT-Kernel MCE is also available.

 Scalable RTOS
 POSIX specification compliant eMCOS
 Scalable RTOS with Virtualization Function

Memory Protection / Process Model-compatible eT-Kernel 
Compact, with remarkable real-time capability eT-Kernel
Multi-core processor-compatible eT-Kernel

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