eT-Kernel Platform Safety Package


Software is an increasingly critical element in the car. Because cars, industrial and other safety-critical equipment should always be reliable, it is important to be able to demonstrate the high quality and correct behavior of each piece of mission-critical software. To do so, Functional Safety standard prescribe the creation of safety-related documents.

eSOL follows stringent development software processes and high coding standards. For eT-Kernel, several document have been created to describe the Functional Safety context for the product, which is usable to build safety systems of the highest safety levels.

In April 2015, eSOL's real-time operating system “eT-Kernel” became the first Japanese operating system to receive the highest safety certification (ASIL D, SIL 4) for the ISO 26262 (automobiles) and IEC 61508 (industrial equipment) functional safety standards, from the German third-party functional safety standard certification authority SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH. In addition, eSOL's real-time operating system product development process was also certified as compliant with the IEC 62304 safety standard for medical equipment. 

The core of all eT-Kernel profiles, “eT-Kernel Compact”, has been certified to the following Functional Safety standards. 
・ISO 26262 ASIL D (for automotive) 
・IEC 61508 SIL 4 (for industrial equipment)

eSOL provides safety manuals, safety reports, and other documents in the “eT-Kernel Safety Package” document package for users of Software Platform Mainly Comprised of eT-Kernel and eBinder.By providing information and evidence regarding the implementation of functional safety in a user system by using eSOL products, eSOL helps reduce the overall costs required to conform with Functional Safety standards in the final system.

The lineup of eT-Kernel Platform Safety Package
  • Automotive Safety Package(ISO 26262-compliant)
  • Industrial Safety Package(IEC 61508-compliant)

eT-Kernel Safety Package details

This package provides documents including information and evidence related to the conformance to Functional Safety standards using eT-Kernel and eBinder in a user system. These documents include product safety concepts, policies meant to achieve and validate Safety, Cases where safety concepts cannot be achieved, and so on.
In addition, optional support for the construction of processes and applications is also available based on the information in the eT-Kernel Safety Package.

  • Safety Manual
    ・Safe usage methods
    ・Hazard analysis and handling methods
    ・Modified information list

  • Safety Report
    ・Product definitions and descriptions
    ・Traceability information
    ・Quality information
  • • Explanatory seminars on Safety Manual / Safety Report

  • • Support and services
  • ・Consulting and contract development including the derivation of safety concepts, the design of safety mechanisms, the construction of Functional Safety certification processes, and so on
    ・Support for activities related to the certification of functional safety standards based on a wealth of experience

    • Features

    • Provides safe and appropriate operating procedures and other information needed for product development using eT-Kernel.

    • Provides technical information needed in design, implementation, and verification of safety mechanisms for user systems.

    • Provides quality information on eSOL products needed to obtain functional safety standard certification for user systems.

    • eSOL has accumulated a deep know-how in the Functional Safety domain, and offers extended support for certification to Functional Safety standards.

    • Coverage of ISO 26262 configuration

      In addition to the eT-Kernel Safety Package, eSOL provides comprehensive support for the implementation of Functional Safety based on user needs via consulting services covering process improvement, architecture analysis, and other areas by applying eSOL's strong experience, along with a contract development service that offers the advantages of an extensive track record and a strong service team. This enables the system designers and developers of the automobile or on-board equipment to focus on the development of their own products and compliance with functional safety standards. 

      Target Applications

      Automotive Safety Package compliant with ISO 26262


      Industrial Safety Package compliant with ISO 61508

Overview of Products and Services

eSOL can flexibly support a wide range of needs by combining our own products with the products and services of our partners.

Functional Safety Support Services
eSOL products
 Real-time operating system development tools AUTOSAR Methodology Support Tool Version R4.0: Under development, ISO 26262 third-party certification planned
  • ”eSOL ECUSAR” AUTOSAR ECU Config/Source Code Generator 
  • “eWeaver” Development Process Support Tool