eT-Kernel Compact is an RTOS with a small footprint and remarkable real-time capability.

・Protection ring function provides memory protection for task/thread model systems
・High resolution, high-speed physical timer usable with system calls
・Stage boot possible with one-link launch image
・μsec order time units usable with OS system calls
・Features μITRON architecture so that past assets can be easily used

ISO 26262 ASIL D/IEC 61508 SIL 4 certified, IEC 62304 compliant

In April 2015, eT-Kernel Compact became the first domestically produced OS to ever be certified by German company SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, a third party functional safety standards organization providing certification for the highest safety standards with ISO 26262 (automotive) and IEC 61508 (industrial equipment). 
eSOL provides eT-Kernel-related safety manuals, safety reports, and other documents through eT-Kernel Safety Package. By using the eT-Kernel Safety Package instead of a non-certified OS, less time and effort can be spent on creating test/usage cases, testing, producing test-based evidence, and OS-related safety description tasks, ultimately reducing costs to receive standards compliance for the user’s final product.  
In addition, the eSOL RTOS product development process is compliant with IEC 62304 safety standards for medical equipment. 

eT-Kernel Compact has acquired third-party certification of the following functional safety standards. 
・ISO 26262 ASIL D (for automotive)
・IEC 61508 SIL 4 (for industrial equipment)
SGS-TÜV Saar Certificate of Compliance

eT-Kernel Safety Package Lineup
Automotive Safety Package (ISO 26262-compliant)
Industrial Safety Package (IEC 61508-compliant)

Memory protection

Task/thread model systems using eT-Kernel are also uniquely equipped with a protection ring function and memory protection function.

eT-Kernel programs and protection level definition
Protection level CPU mode Programs
RING0 Privileged Kernel
Interrupt handlers
Device drivers
RING1 Privileged Privileged tasks
RING2 Unprivileged Unprivileged tasks
RING3 Unprivileged Unprivileged tasks

eT-Kernel Compact functions

eT-Kernel Compact offers the following functions

eT-Kernel Compact functions
(Operating System)
(System Manager)
(Debugger Support)
- Task control
- Inter-task synchronization/communication
- Memory management
- Exception/interruption control
- Time management
- Subsystem management

- System memory management
- Address space management
- Device management
- Interruption management
- I/O port access support
- Energy saving management
- System structure information management
- Refer to kernel’s internal status
- Execution trace

Ideal for migration from μITRON

eT-Kernel Compact resembles μITRON in that is uses flat memory space without MMU, provides similar service content, features a similar OS internal structure, etc. This is ideal for making a migration from μITRON. Also, since transition to eT-Kernel Extended features memory protection and a process model is easy, it is currently sufficient for a μITRON level of functionality, but will also be useful for high-level OS functionality that will be needed in the future.

System calls and direct calls for functions are supported

When calling a kernel API with eT-Kernel Compact, the software exception model as defined by T-Kernel specifications is not used. Instead, it is equipped with a configuration switch allowing the user to select a direct function call just as with μITRON. Selecting a function call can accelerate eT-Kernel operations.

T-Kernel/SM and unused kernel objects can be removed

eT-Kernel Compact makes it possible to remove T-Kernel/SM and unused kernel objects to keep required memory capacity to a minimum. For example, if functions provided by T-Kernel/SM are not needed for the user’s system, such as an I/O management function for I/O ports, configuration makes it possible to change the structure so that T-Kernel/SM are not included. 
By removing T-Kernel/SM, not only is the memory footprint reduced, but T-Kernel/SM initialization is no longer required, making system startup faster.

eBinder offers the ideal environment for T-Kernel system development 

eBinder is provided as a development environment for T-Kernel based embedded systems.

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