Heterogeneous Multicore-based BlueBox  × 
Cutting-edge Manycore Processor MPPA

Despite of different SoCs, all cores on the NXP Semiconductor autonomous driving development platform, "BlueBox", and Kalray's many-core processor, "MPPA", operate as a single RTOS to help facilitate heterogeneous computing.

Features of eMCOS on NXP BlueBox and Kalray MPPA

  • Automotive-grade computing platform for autonomous driving development
  • Kalray's "MPPA" handles the AI accelerator for perception, while NXP Semiconductors' "BlueBox" handles all the Autoware processes
  • The Message Passing feature in eMCOS provides high-speed communication between two SoCs without the need of protocol stack or hypervisor
  • Application development can be done easily, without taking the underlying multi-core AMP and SMP configuration into consideration. Communication can be made not only between cores inside the chip, but also between chips
  • eSOL's patented scheduling algorithm, "Semi-Priority-Based Scheduling" (Patent No. 5734941 and 5945617), ensures both real-time performance, which is essential for embedded systems, and high performance through load balancing with eMCOS

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