Key Features

Includes functions required for automotive products in addition to those for AUTOSAR compliance
  • Fail-safe processing, power supply interruption countermeasures, reprogramming recovery, etc. 
  • Equipped with functions matching the custom requirements of vehicle manufacturers
Complies with quality levels required by vehicle manufacturers
  • Development according to ISO 26262 ASIL D processes
  • MISRA-C: 2016 (MISRA-C: 2012, MISRA-C: 2012 Amendment 1)
  • Provides quality that complies with other OEM requirements
Flexibly supports various requirements, can minimize AUTOSAR implementation man-hours
  • Provides packages in the required function units
  • Provides packages including MCAL
  • "AUBIST Configurator" contains the Easy Configuration function

Available product lineup

Integrated Package version
Provides an integrated package with fully AUTOSAR-compliant BSW
Support to AUTOSAR modeling method, Integrate and provide necessary functions of customers  

Portable Package version
Ready-made package unit can be purchased/used by each function.
* Customer integration is available by engineering service.

Product structure
Name Description
  AUBIST OS Real-time operating system package
  AUBIST Hypervisor for MCU MCU virtualization solution for control system ECU
(to be offered in 2020; formerly called Hypervisor Lite )
  AUBIST RTE Software component runtime environment
* Provide for Integrated Package only.
  AUBIST SS System management package
* Provide for Integrated Package only.
  AUBIST COM Communication common-function package
* AUBIST CAN, LIN and Ether modules includes
  AUBIST CAN CAN communication package
  AUBIST Ether Ethernet communication package
  AUBIST LIN LIN communication package
* Provide different packages for master function and slave function
  AUBIST CXPI CXPI communication package
* Provide different packages for master function and slave function
  AUBIST Sec Security package
* Provide multiple packages including authentication, reprogram, AES library
  AUBIST MS Memory management package
  AUBIST DIAG Diagnostic package
* Use requires combination: AUBIST CAN, Ether, CXPI and MS modules
  AUBIST RPRG Reprogramming package to update ECU software
* Supports CAN, Ethernet and CXPI protocols
  AUBIST E2E Data protection library
  AUBIST LIB Library package (Each package includes)
AUBIST Tool The design tools made from AUBASS
  AUBIST Configurator Configuration tools
  AUBIST Configurator
Option Plugin
Import function of OEM standard Communication specification
* Option
AUBIST Engineering Service Engineering service for AUBIST BSW and Tools

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