Key Features

Software stack that complies with specifications released from AUTOSAR 
Compatible with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform R19-03. (Scheduled to follow every six months thereafter) 

  • AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform environment optimized for RTOS
  • Provides an optimized AP stack to maximize autonomous driving ECU performance 
Supports a variety of hardware environments, including simulators 

Future support for hypervisors and containers is planned

Provides Adaptive Platform and RTOS in one package to optimize speed and performance 

Providing the Adaptive Platform and RTOS in one package optimizes communication processing between applications, applications and Functional Clusters (FC), and between FC and FC. This should remove concerns over the speed and performance of Adaptive Platform base systems. 


We provide setups to manage and operate OS resources, services, and application groups optimized for distributed system environments. System configurations can be made scalable.

Support for multi-processor environments

Uses distributed microkernel architecture to support heterogeneous computing environments from multi/many-core processors to combinations of accelerators such as graphics processing units (GPU), data flow processors (DFP), and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).
Our proprietary patented algorithm for Semi-priority Base Scheduling enhances performance by securing load distribution and the real-time capabilities essential to embedded systems.

Supports various OS  

AUBIST OS POSIX / Ubuntu (environment for logic verification of application) / Other RTOS etc.
Other OS can also be selected.

Adapts to the complexities of building development environments

  • We provide AUBIST Tool AP as an integrated development environment and package tools taking into account uses suited to the development scenario
  • AUBIST Tool AP enable visual analysis/verification of increasingly complex Adaptive Platform systems

Integrated development environment tools supporting Adaptive Platform development 


Visualization of processes, threads, API, interrupts, messages, user events, and CPU load 

Communications capture and simulation

All the functions can be used in a single integrated development environment, enabling analysis/simulation data to be exported as files and delivered between developers.

Other Features 

Embedding in Adaptive Platform of existing systems 
The AUBIST OS POSIX environment has a long track record of operating on ROS/ROS 2 and Autoware, with support for embedding in the Adaptive Platform environment of these existing environments and for engineering services

Support for functional safety 
Enables functional safety including the OS and AP software stack and tools

One-stop solution
Provides OS, AP, development tools, support, engineering services, etc. all in one package.
We provide total support for our customers' development work.

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