Embedded Software Solutions

Our high-reliability, high-quality products and services,
and leading-edge technology help bring success to the system development of our customers.

Reliable technical strength backed by wealth of experience and accomplishments.

Since its founding in 1975, eSOL has built its track record primarily in the embedded software industry by prioritizing customer satisfaction. eSOL develops and sells high-reliability and high-performance embedded OSes, development environments, and several types of middleware used in numerous embedded systems, from digital consumer products including digital cameras to automotive computer devices and satellite systems.

eSOL achieves high reliability and safety resulting from being certified in various international standards.

As for real-time OSes, a core technology of software platforms from eSOL, the company offers the TRON-based eT-Kernel with a proven track record, as well as eMCOS with high-performance, extreme scalability, and real-time characteristics. In addition, the development processes for real-time OSes have received the highest certification levels of safety standards for automobiles, industrial equipment, and medical equipment.

eSOL has received
the following certifications from SGS-TÜV GmbH:

eT-Kernel Compact
ISO 26262 ASIL D functional safety standard for automobiles / IEC 61508 SIL 4 functional safety standard for industrial equipment
ISO 26262 ASIL D functional safety standard for automobiles
Development process for real-time OS products
IEC 62304 functional safety standard for medical equipment

As an AUTOSAR Premium Partner, eSOL is contributing to the newest technologies and standards development.

As a Premium Partner of AUTOSAR, a development partnership for automotive software platform standard specifications, eSOL is contributing to the formulation of specifications that utilize its expertise and insight on software platforms for automotive systems, and is reflecting them in the development of its software products based on the latest specifications. eSOL provides its self-developed software and engineering resources on the AUTOSAR platform to AUBASS CO., LTD., a company it partially owns. AUBASS offers automotive electronics system software (basic software) and related tools in its AUBIST product series.