Solid State Recorder: SS-R1 / SS-CDR1

TEAC CorporationTEAC Corporation

SS-R1 and SS-CDR1 are compact single-rack units. They are stereo audio recorders for installation setups at larger spaces such as music halls, fitness studios, and conference halls. SS-R1 has a vibration-resistant structure without a mechanical section, thanks to the solid-state CompactFlash® memory card, and can be widely employed for many uses. You can record high-quality sound by choosing a large storage size of CF card, or you can extend recording time by choosing the high-compression MP3 format. SS-CDR1, on the other hand, combines CompactFlash and Compact Disc recording into a single rack space, which allows you to go from source audio to finished CD-R/RW media within one quality package.


Comment from Makoto Tsukada, Development Director of TASCAM Business Unit, TEAC Corporation

"We chose PrFILE2 because of its extensive multi-language support, which is very important for us in order to target our products to the worldwide market place. PrFILE2 implementation, proved by many OEM customers, assured us this is a reliable and proven file system."