Portable recorder: FR-2 / Digital multitracker: MR-8

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FR-2 is a portable memory recorder that stores data at the highest quality format 24-bit/192kHz on media such as compact flash. A PC card type hard disk can be also used. Files may be transferred to a PC via USB.
MR-8 is an 8-track multi-track recorder (MTR) that records audio data to a compact flash with the same sound quality as a commercial CD. You can create an original CD by connecting the recorder to a PC with a USB cable.

Comment from Mr. Hibino, Engineering Department, Fostex Company

"I truly appreciate eSOL's quick and detailed support for our inquiry on their products. We were able to concentrate on product development thanks to their sincere assistance. The product qualities like performance and ease of customization were extremely reliable. The strong backup from eSOL definitely resulted in reduction of development time and cost."