Digital Multitracker: MR-8HD

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MR-8HD is a multitrack recorder with a 3.5" 40GB hard disk that records up to four tracks simultaneously and replays up to eight tracks simultaneously. The recorder performance is enhanced with high-quality non-compression 44.1kHz/16-bit recording and a 24-bit chip for AD/DA conversion. Renowned as an audio equipment manufacturer, Fostex Company also offers convenient and varied features for music editing with this recorder.

Comment from Mr. Hibino, Engineering Department, Fostex Company

"Using T-Kernel and eBinder's tools optimized for middleware helped us find errors at the early stages of development, saving us time and cost. And, because interoperability of T-Kernel, PrFILE2, and PrUSB/Device are already proven, we didn't have to be bothered with problems around the platform. We were able to jump right in to our upper layer application development."



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