Space Environment Reliability Verification Integrated System project

NEC Toshiba Space Systems

eBinder is used in the software development of Space Environment Reliability Verification Integrated System (SERVIS). eBinder reduces development time and costs while providing a reliable software development environment.
The SERVIS project is Japan's national project intended for establishing an intelligent technology basis for a high-performance/low-cost satellite system using state-of-the-art consumer devices and technologies. Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer (USEF) is conducting the actual development on behalf of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). 
eBinder was chosen by NEC Toshiba Space Systems, which is in charge of an autonomous fault-tolerant computing system that will be on board the project's SERVIS-2 verification satellite planned for launch in 2005. Development is currently under way.